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We are a group of client-focused Distributors and Manufacturing Reps. Specializing in key, unique products for Law Enforcement. These products encompass Speed Radar and Lidar, a thermal camera that covertly mounts to your spotlight, Speed trailers, specialized ALPR camera-ready Speed trailers, video evidence recorder, emergency lighting, specialty products for upfitters and installers.

Our Brands

“NOPTIC cameras are phenomenal. We’ve used them multiple times and the second day one of our Sergeants caught some car burglars with it.”


“The NOPTIC System has been a great thermal imaging tool for our officers to use every day in their patrols. Because they are attached they are always there, ready to go, in the officers’ patrol vehicles helping them do their job more effectively.

In the continuous struggle to find the best equipment while maintaining fiscal responsibility, the cost for value return makes NOPTIC an easy choice.”

– PD in Utah

“The implementation of Noptic into our patrol fleet has been a game changer. No longer can those with ‘ill-will intent’ lurk in the shadows every time they see an approaching squad car. Mike Martin has consistently provided reliable and competent service for our agency and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.”

– PD in Minnesota

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