What is Dax?

The handheld DAX evidence recorder is an evidentiary recording of roadside examinations for alcohol and drug impairment.

DAX records SFST eye signs at time of arrest for DRE or toxicologist review and can record all DRE eye examinations including HGN, VGN, LOC, Pupil Size.

Additionally, DAX can Audio record an Officer’s commands & suspect’s comments. DAX can record video in near total darkness and records other general indicators of drug ingestion.

The Eye Doesn’t Lie

  • Evidentiary recording of roadside examinations for alcohol and drug impairment
  • Records SFST eye signs at time of arrest for DRE review
  • Records all DRE eye examinations including HGN, VGN, LOC, Pupil Size
  • Audio records Officer’s commands & suspect’s comments
  • Video records in near total darkness
  • Records other general indicators of drug ingestion

DAX Specifications

High definition video format

1080p 60 frames per second 1920×1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio

Night Vision Lens

Full spectrum night vision lens with macro focus

LED Illumination

2 switchable white LEDs: left/right/both ON or OFF, 4 IR (infra-red) LEDs for total darkness operation

Rechargeable Replacement Battery

4 to 6 hours operation on a single charge, 6 hours full recharge time, Li-Polymer 13,000 mAH capacity, Car charger and AC (line) chargers included

Memory - Removable & Replaceable

45 minutes record time on included 16 GB SD card, Accepts up to 64 GB Secure Digital (SD) card, Speed Class 10 or better required


480×272 pixels 4.3” Color TFT-LCD, Display can be turned off for darkroom evaluation, Switchable HDMI connection for an external, monitor


Small, Light, Robust

2.7 pounds 7” W x 8.9” H x 10” L (with faceplate), Removable faceplate for saddlebag storage

Hard Case

Watertight, Airtight and Crush Resistant, MIL-STD810F 512.4, IP67, 9.6” x 12.2” x 14.9”, Custom Foam Insert securely holds DAX and, accessories

Download the spec sheet


If you are wondering about case law and successful prosecution with regards to DAX evidence as part of an investigation, review the case study below.

View the Case Study

“NOPTIC cameras are phenomenal. We’ve used them multiple times and the second day one of our Sergeants caught some car burglars with it.”


"The NOPTIC System has been a great thermal imaging tool for our officers to use every day in their patrols. Because they are attached they are always there, ready to go, in the officers’ patrol vehicles helping them do their job more effectively.

In the continuous struggle to find the best equipment while maintaining fiscal responsibility, the cost for value return makes NOPTIC an easy choice."

- PD in Utah

“The implementation of Noptic into our patrol fleet has been a game changer. No longer can those with ‘ill-will intent’ lurk in the shadows every time they see an approaching squad car. Mike Martin has consistently provided reliable and competent service for our agency and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.”

- PD in Minnesota

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