What is Noptic?

The NOPTIC camera is a small thermal camera that is covertly mounted to your vehicle A-pillar spotlights and viewed via your in-car computer or via a separate video monitor. NOPTIC gives you the ability to ‘see in the dark’ from inside the patrol car and with the critical value of added officer safety. How? You may not know, but passive infrared CANNOT see through glass. NOPTIC is mounted on your spotlight OUTSIDE of your car.

Better Than A Handheld Unit And Able To Turn On In About 2 Seconds!

How often have you wished you could see better in the dark?

Or, turned your spotlight on only to light up the front of the bushes?

Or, turned your spotlight on only to learn that it’s usefulness as a light fizzles out after 75 yards or so?

At MSM Public Safety, we have been selling NOPTIC all over the US and we show NOPTIC at many trade shows, ‘Open Houses’, conferences, and expos. We’ve probably been to one that is near you! Our demo cars have NOPTIC cameras, we have demo cameras not mounted on vehicles for meeting rooms.

We also have a demo program. Let us know if this is of interest; we’ll discuss criteria.

Key points for the NOPTIC thermal imaging (night vision) camera

Needs zero light to work

Unlike “image intensifiers” that require a little light (the green image night vision) our night vision camera is a “Thermal Imager” and doesn’t need any light.

Passive Infrared Sensing

It does not emit an IR signal and cannot be blinded by lights. It has a far greater range than an “active IR” system however looking for an object the size of a person limits the range to 400 – 500 yards because of the pixel size.

Mounted Outside of the Vehicle

It allows the officer to monitor from inside the safety of the patrol vehicle with the window up. Not to mention, you can’t accidentally leave it in the office like a handheld unit.

Use it as a Driving an Search Aid

While driving or conducting a search, point it forward to see potential animals/obstacles on the road.

Optimum Panning Capabilities

Be able to pan and tilt quickly with a camera that is perfectly aligned. None of the moving parts are exposed or at risk of failure due to the weather.

Competitively Priced

Compared to handheld and other mounted devices it is the best choice for your wallet.

Download the spec sheet for more information


If you are interested, let us know. We want to hear from you. Based on our experience with NOPTIC, we are confident that we have the answers to all of your questions about NOPTIC. But it’s pretty straight-forward; we help our Law Enforcement clients see better in the dark, from inside the safety of the Patrol car.

Somewhere we need to compare to handhelds thermal cameras: NOPTIC is not a handheld thermal camera. We frequently hear ‘We bought a handheld thermal camera on a grant; not sure where it is’. Or, ‘yes, I have a thermal camera at my dept.; it’s in the back of my shift Sgts. SUV with the rest of his gear’. To which we ask, how does that help YOU when you need to see in the dark NOW? When you need to see NOW, NOPTIC is the tool for you. Going on a ‘routine’ domestic disturbance call? Use NOPTIC to scan the area to mitigate risk of someone hiding to perhaps ambush…

Click on this youtube link to see a brief side-by-side split screen of patrolling a common city park; at night. Shows the naked eye and  then spotlight on as compar4ed to using the NOPTIC camera.

Side-by-Side Comparison

“NOPTIC cameras are phenomenal. We’ve used them multiple times and the second day one of our Sergeants caught some car burglars with it.”


"The NOPTIC System has been a great thermal imaging tool for our officers to use every day in their patrols. Because they are attached they are always there, ready to go, in the officers’ patrol vehicles helping them do their job more effectively.

In the continuous struggle to find the best equipment while maintaining fiscal responsibility, the cost for value return makes NOPTIC an easy choice."

- PD in Utah

“The implementation of Noptic into our patrol fleet has been a game changer. No longer can those with ‘ill-will intent’ lurk in the shadows every time they see an approaching squad car. Mike Martin has consistently provided reliable and competent service for our agency and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.”

- PD in Minnesota

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